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i'm kristin, i'm eighteen and i have a baby on the way. i let loose my emotions here, i sure have a lot of those. life is always changing, the people come and go...i just want to remember it all, when it's all gone.
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Anonymous asked: "I cant do this anymore. How can i even make it ? I couldn’t alone much less now that i got a baby and i am completely alone…"
You'll be amazed at how close you will come with your baby once he/she is born, you will never be lonely again, you will have someone who loves you unconditionally no matter what. Don't give up Kristin, you will be an amazing mother..

when i post things like that, it’s when i’m very emotional and i’m not necessarily thinking straight. i do realize that this baby is a beautiful miracle, and i know for a fact i will be a great mother…. it’s also hard though, because my car was totaled, and i don’t have a home, and i don’t have enough money for food or anything i need, i don’t have one pair of pants…literally. i know things will work out, but in the meantime i’m struggling and i have no help what so ever…

thank you, though. <3

password: kristinelliott

i do not use this page!

You can’t be a full tranny every day of the week,” Katy Perry says in this week’s Rolling Stone. “That’s an exaggerated part of my personality.

This is why I absolutely fucking hate Katy Perry. Didn’t she recently claim to be an ally to the gay community? Yet at the same time, she not only uses the slur “tranny” but uses it to describe herself in costume mode. Because trans people don’t face constant oppression and can just take a day off when it gets to be too much for them to deal with. They don’t have to be a full on trans person every day of their life, right? It’s just a fun thing to do for a few hours when your schedule isn’t too hectic. And it’s only about being wacky and crazy right? It’s just a role to play rather than the real lives of thousands of people who struggle with constant casual oppression from ignorant fucks like you.

I understand that people like Lady Gaga have made it trendy to promote LGBT right and you might not get as far as a pop artist without supporting the gay community. But honestly, Katy, at this point I might respect you more if you just owned up to being a homophobe and a transphobe. One who has a track record of using gay/trans as, at worst, a slur and at best for exploitation because they legitimately are repulsively uninformed and uncaring about the rights and well being of other human beings. Just admit it and be done with it. Your hypocrisy sickens me.

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Im lonely tonight. I need a boyfriend. Or girlfriend

I wanna grow old with you. I never mentioned it because it wont be possible.

(2/2) Dont want you in my life

(1/2) Just goes to show how much you care! Now i know who my friends are. I cant wait to move away. Well see tomorrow Whats happening. I